Re-stringing Frequency

How often should I re-string a racquet?

This is the most common question we are asked by our customers.  A simple rule of thumb is to re-string as often per year as you play per week, but at least twice per year (Play twice per week restring twice per year). This is just a rough guideline. Some types of string lose tension faster than others, heavy spin hitters wear strings out much faster than flat hitters, and some players seem quite happy to let the strings decide when to be replaced — by breaking.

Why do Pro’s change racquet several times during a match?

Professional tennis players play at such a level that minor variations can easily impact their game.  Thier particular strokes are so well honed and the power so great that after only a few games the racquet characteristics begin to change.  Most Pro’s will change their racquet at or around every ball change during a match, this so that the feel remains as consistent as possible.  As the ability of club players improve so will their ability to feel the changes in a racquet, so unless you are playing championships every week, our rule of thumb applies to you.