Organix 9 Super G


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A completely re-designed take on the 9 series. The Organix 9 Super G features a classic Grommet Wrap System that offers more protection to the string, and stability to the racquet. This racquet features a firmer Black V-Sponse pin to provide a classic feel that upper level/pro players know and love, but not at the cost of their arm. With a traditional 18×20 string pattern, you will have all of the control you could ask for from a player’s frame.

        • Grip Size 1 – 5
        • Item Number V14090
        • Head Size 630cm² | 98in²
        • Cross Section 22mm
        • Weight 310g | 10.9oz
        • Length 68.5cm | 27in
        • Balance 32cm | 0.9in HL
        • String Pattern 18×20 PCP
        • Frame Only

RRP £130.00

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